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Spa is included. This was 10K+ new

The Cabaret hot tub is perhaps the greatest example of Vita Spa’s therapeutic value. Each of the Cabaret’s six seats is strategically designed and positioned to provide your body with a specific type of therapy allowing for optimum regeneration. The Cabaret delivers 8 horsepower + a one HP air pump. Optional third pump is available.

This spa also has the optional 3rd motor. So it has a total of 4 motors
Also includes a ‘one person’ cover lift

Jets 84
Hot Tubs Seating: 7 Adults and Children
Size L x W x H: 92 ½” x 88 ½” x 39″
235 x 225 x 99 cm
Weight Dry/Wet: 725/4,644 Lbs.
330/2111 Kg
Loading: 77.36 lbs/sq ft
380 Kg/m2
Gals/Liters: 470/1779
Horsepower: 8-Water 1-Air
Voltage/Amps: 220v / 60amps